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 Work in Australia

Work in Australia
Work in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for immigration in the world and is very active in recruiting professional workers in various sectors. It has a population of about 25 million and the unemployment rate is less than 5%. As for the economy in Australia, it is dominated by the service sector, and industry and agriculture are in the following categories. 

Urban tourism is also a big business. Getting a work visa there will not be easy in Australia. But if you qualify you can live in one of the best cities in the world. According to the Quality of Life Ranking announced at Mercer's in the year 2019, Australian Sydney and Melbourne are in the top 20 cities. You must strive to get a job in Australia, which we will explain how to do in this article.
The unemployment rate in Australia

Certainly one of the information that job seekers in other countries need before taking any action is checking the unemployment rate and working conditions in the destination country. Job seekers in Australia need to know that according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as the unemployment rate in Australia is 5.3%. Over the past year, the employment trend has increased by 2.4 percent, which is still above the average annual growth over the past 20 years (2 percent).

Full-time employment grew by 2.1 percent and part-time employment grew by 2.9 percent. Unemployment in the North increased by 0.2 percent, Queensland and South Australia increased by 0.1 percent, while in Western Australia it decreased by 0.1 percent. Australia's low unemployment rate indicates that it is possible to obtain Australian residency through specialization.

Wanted jobs in Australia

The list of Australian skilled jobs is updated at the beginning of July every year. The list now lists over 200 jobs that are reviewed regularly by the Australian Home Office. (DHA) One of the most important points is paying attention to the ceiling of each business opportunity in different locations.

- Here are now the most important jobs in Australia
The highest among which are nurses with a demand ceiling of more than fifteen thousand jobs, then a specialist in electricity, a carpenter, or a secondary teacher with a demand ceiling of approximately seven thousand, as well as a mechanic with a request ceiling of about six thousand, then accountants, construction project managers and programmers who reach the ceiling of their request About five thousand.

Business visa in Australia

The (GSM) program is the only method for job seekers in Australia. This program is also known as Australian skilled workers. Applicants must pass the Australian grading system to be eligible for an Australian work visa. 

-In the following we explain to you the categories of Australian work visas:

1) Independent skills Visa: The Skills 189 visa is for professional workers who are not supported by an employer, state, or family member. If the person succeeds in obtaining 65 degrees according to the grading table that calculates your grades according to your academic level and certificates, as well as your age, then he is eligible to obtain this visa.

2) Non-Independent Skills Visa: For this type of visa, a person must earn at least 65 degrees based on age, study, language level, and work experience.

3) Temporary Skills Visa: Also in this type of visa, a person must obtain at least 65 degrees. The person gets a temporary two-year visa.

Documents required to work in Australia

An important resource about getting work in Australia and a work visa in this country is preparing the required documents and documents. Because any deficiency in these documents could result in the applicant's file being rejected. The required documents vary according to the type of visa that the applicant succeeded in obtaining. But some of these documents are shared among the rest.

In this section of the article we will explain to you all these required documents:
1- Provide a valid passport and a photo of the applicant and his companions
2- Provide a job offer letter if needed
3- Fluency in English required
4- Submit qualifications and identity documents
5- Submit a certificate of lack of criminal record


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