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Saskatchewan Announces New Immigration Program 2022

 Saskatchewan Announces New Immigration Program 2021/2022 

Saskatchewan Announces New Immigration Program 2022
Saskatchewan Announces New Immigration Program 2022

The hard-to-fill skills pilot program will allow Saskatchewan employers to hire international talent for specific in-demand jobs. Eligible jobs in this project include entry-level positions that require on the job training. 

The areas with the highest  demands in Saskatchewan include manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, agricultural technology, construction, and retail. 

“The demand for labor in our province is strong and will only increase with the large economic projects recently announced in Saskatchewan,” Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Immigration and Vocational Training, said in a news release.

Candidates nominated from the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program will be helped by their employers. 

While we always work hard to take advantage of every local hiring opportunity, we need to be creative in ensuring we have the right job offer to help our Saskatchewan business and communities grow and thrive. 

Eligibility criteria for candidates

- if you have a full-time open offer and a letter of approval from SINP for a qualified profession from a registered Saskatchewan employer;

- Meet a minimum level of official Canadian language; and meet the minimum level of education requirements and work by work experience, including at least one year of work experience in the same profession as the job offer, or six months of work experience at that job in Saskatchewan.

Currently, the press release does not specify which professions are eligible, what minimum training is required, or what exactly language level is required.

For employers to be eligible, they must demonstrate that they have made great efforts to recruit nationally before they can use the pilot program for recruitment.

They must also demonstrate the need and benefit of their business and meet the requirements related to providing settlement support to workers. No further details have been published.


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